Tips on how to book online

how to book online

Here are some tips you may use next time you are looking for an online travel agency to book flights. Social Media and the internet has changed the way companies conduct business and opened up many more options to source cheap flights.

You can benefit by the increased competition by hunting for your cheap flight online, either through an online travel agency or a flight booking website like Skyscanner or Webjet.

There are so many websites these days you do need to be careful about where you book. One of the best ways to be vigilant is to check out how active the site is on social media. Do they respond to their fans and followers? When did they last post and how many fans do they have?

Also, look for a blog or discussion forum on that site. Do a quick audit of the chat room and you’ll soon know if there are any disgruntled customers.

Make sure they are displaying airfares including fees and taxes as these additional costs can add heaps to the final price of your flight. The key is to do your homework and not to jump at the lowest fare. Sometimes top quality airlines have low fares too and sometimes you might just want to give yourself a treat, like this Business Class flight.

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