Cathay Pacific Business Class

cathay pacific business class

If you’re the kind of flyer who will pay the extra dollars for a good business class, I hope my Cathay Pacific Business Class review between Hong Kong and New York will help you make up your mind if it is worth it. While it’s not the cheapest airline, it’s one of the best, especially in Asia. In Hong Kong, which is Cathay Pacific’s home city, access to the Business Class lounges alone will make your journey much more comfortable. This Cathay Pacific Business Class review has more information and some great photos of The Wing and other business class lounges.

Here’s what it’s like flying at the front end of the aircraft.

Cathay Pacific business class seat

Cathay Pacific’s reverse herringbone seats in business class are stylish and throughout their longhaul fleet, which is my favorite business class product in the entire world. You can’t beat chairs with direct aisle access.

The amusement selection is excellent as well, with the same StudioCX programming Cathay Pacific provides in class.

Cathay Pacific business class food

The meal service surprised me, though not necessarily in a bad way. The meal service seemed to be a tad too efficient and too quick. I can understand the need for speed on a six-hour redeye, but on a 15-hour trip, it’s a little strange.

Firstly, each class was served with a wonderful trolley of food. Although, I thought it a bit odd that the very first round of drinks was served after the appetizer was delivered to my seat.

On a 15-hour trip you’d think there would have been plenty of time to do a round of drinks before proceeding with the meal service. Maybe they’re not encouraging passengers to drink?

Interestingly there were nuts on the beverage trolley, though I guess they weren’t offered due to the pre-meal drinks being missed.

As far as the food quality itself goes, it was excellent and tasty. I love Chinese food, and Cathay Pacific serves up a fabulous Chinese menu. The Western choices are top notch too.

The highlights of the meal were the cod, which I had as a main and the pear tart I had for dessert was exceptional.

Cathay Pacific business class service

The crew on this sector were friendly and attentive throughout the meal service, but they disappeared between courses. I was alright with this, because when I pushed the call button they cheerily appeared within seconds.

Although the dining experience felt a bit like an assembly line, it was reasonably personalized. I was addressed by name and the flight attendants had a smile on their faces each time they approached me. I was disappointed that they weren’t very proactive in offering drink refils or anything else on my tray. They just seemed to be working the cart.

Cathay Pacific business class amenities

I was provided an amenity kit after takeoff, though I was surprised that there weren’t any slippers. I realize it sounds minor, but I really appreciate it when airlines offer slippers. I don’t like to go to the lavatory in my socks, and I hate having to put on my shoes each time, so I find slippers to be super-useful.

Cathay Pacific between Asia and Canada

Flying from Singapore to Toronto, Canada, is a popular route. There are numerous flights you may take which will connect Toronto and you.

Cathay Pacific has eight flights a day between Singapore and Hong Kong so if you’re looking for a stopover in Hong Kong, this is the airline to choose. Flight time is about 23 hours so count on a day’s worth of traveling if you’re flying between Singapore and Toronto.

Transiting in Hong Kong is a pleasant experience, as Hong Kong International Airport is packed with shops and eateries. It’s even nicer if you can spare a couple of days to explore Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific’s services are excellent, especially when compared to North American airlines like Air Canada and United Airlines. Pricing is decent and depends on the season. It usually costs around $S 2500 to $S 3000 for a round trip between Singapore to Toronto. But don’t fly at Christmas time.

Compared to United Airlines, Cathay Pacific is usually on par but take into consideration the savings you’ll get in travel time, investing a few additional dollars may be well worth it.

Flying on Cathay Pacific is most likely probably the most convenient way to fly from Singapore to Toronto. Here’s a review of Cathay Pacific Business Class Hong Kong to Sydney leg.

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